What is an online prescription? Definition of e-prescription

An online prescription, also known as an e-prescription or electronic prescription, is a medical document that allows the patient to purchase prescribed medications at any pharmacy using their online patient account. Unlike traditional paper prescriptions, the online prescription is in electronic form and does not require a physical copy of the document.

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How does online prescription work?

Online prescription is generated by a doctor after an online medical consultation or in a medical office. The doctor enters the patient’s data and prescribed medications into the system, which automatically generates an electronic prescription. This prescription is saved in the patient’s online account, where the patient can view and download it.

Advantages and limitations of online prescription

Convenience and time savings

Thanks to online prescriptions, patients do not have to leave their homes to get prescribed medications. It is a time-saving and convenient solution, especially for individuals with chronic illnesses who often need various medications.

Quick availability

Online prescriptions are available immediately after being issued by the doctor. The patient can fulfill the e-prescription at any pharmacy, significantly reducing the waiting time for medications.

Safety and access to treatment history

The online prescription system ensures the consistency of the patient’s medical documentation and provides access to the treatment history, which is useful for consultations with various doctors.

What are the limitations of online prescriptions?

Necessity of medical consultation

Online prescriptions require a consultation with a doctor, which is crucial for prescribing medications, especially those requiring special attention, such as psychotropic drugs.

Lack of medication reimbursement

For some reimbursed medications, online prescriptions do not enable reimbursement, which may increase the costs of purchasing medications for the patient.

Health contraindications

In some cases, a doctor may consider that health contraindications prevent the issuance of an online prescription, requiring a medical consultation in the office.

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How to obtain an online prescription?

To obtain an online prescription, the patient must have an online patient account at the chosen medical facility. Then, the patient undergoes a medical consultation during which the doctor may prescribe appropriate medications and issue an e-prescription. The patient can redeem it at any pharmacy.

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How does an online medical consultation proceed?

Online medical consultations take place through the patient’s online account. The patient completes a medical form and provides necessary information. Then, the doctor analyzes this data, conducts a medical interview, and assesses the need to prescribe medications. After a positive verification of the questionnaire, the doctor can issue an online prescription.

E-prescription online – Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the online prescription valid?

The online prescription is valid for the same period as a traditional paper prescription. Its validity depends on the type of medication and the patient’s condition.

Can I find the medication in any pharmacy using the online prescription?

Yes, you can redeem the online prescription at any pharmacy. You are not limited to a specific location.

Does the e-prescription allow for medication reimbursement?

Not all medications are covered by reimbursement with e-prescription. If it is essential for you, you can always ask the doctor about reimbursement availability.

Are there health contraindications for issuing an online prescription?

Yes, in some cases, a doctor may consider that health contraindications prevent the issuance of an e-prescription. A medical consultation in the office may be necessary.

How long does the process of issuing an e-prescription take?

The time to issue an online e-prescription depends on the availability of the doctor and the type of consultation. It can range from a few minutes to several hours.

An online prescription is an innovative solution that significantly facilitates access to medications. However, before obtaining it, it is always advisable to consult with a doctor to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

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